MIMS Gateway Online

An intelligent workflow-oriented resource designed specifically for healthcare professionals’ daily clinical practice needs - MIMS Gateway is powered by high quality MIMS Drug Information integrated with clinical decision support tools and renowned international medical resources, delivering a convenient, comprehensive and seamlessly integrated suite of information through a single point of access.

The powerful and flexible MIMS Gateway search engine enables quick access to comprehensive and relevant information at the point of care; delivering an at-a-glance overview of the therapeutic landscape and helping healthcare professionals make timely and well-informed clinical practice decisions.

Hospitals and institutions can also incorporate their own formularies and practice guidelines into MIMS Gateway to increase institution-wide accessibility of shared information through a single resource platform.

Some of the key benefits of MIMS Gateway Online include:

  1. Personalised Search Experience

    The Clinical Intelligence Dashboard can be customized to display multiple clinical content resources that best fit the medical professional’s clinical practice needs, presenting search results in a single view integrated display.
  2. Decision Support Module

    • Product Image Identification Tool
    • Drug Interaction Check
    • Drug Disease Interaction Check
    • Drug Allergy Check
  3. Medical Resources and Tools

    Additional sources of information include:
    • MIMS News Journals
      • MIMS Doctor
      • MIMS Oncology
      • MIMS JPOG
      • MIMS Pharmacy News & Insights
    • Medical Calculators & Scoring Tools
    • MIMS Diagnoses 
    • MIMS Disease Charts

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