MIMS Gateway Mobile

MIMS Gateway Mobile provides healthcare professionals with the most comprehensive list of locally-approved drugs information in an intuitive mobile format, allowing healthcare professionals to access drug information on-the-go conveniently even without an internet connection.

Available on the iPhone & iPod Touch, MIMS Mobile includes several features physicians are already familiar with, such as:

MIMS Concise Prescribing Information: At-a-glance concise summaries of key prescribing information allows quick on-the-go referencing of drug indications, dosage, safety precautions, contraindications and packing information.

MIMS Annual Detailed Prescribing Information: Full prescribing information detailing comprehensive information on all aspects of the medication.

Manufacturer and Distributor Information: Conveniently access contact details of drug manufacturers and distributors.

Drug Interactions: Perform quick and intuitive checking of drug-drug interactions supplemented with information on the interaction severity level, recommended actions and clinical references.

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