• November 2012: Custom content management features are integrated into MIMS Gateway to allow users the ability to upload articles, web clippings, memos, etc, with advanced features built in that enable flexible content sharing options.
  • October 2012: MIMS Gateway enhanced with personalisation capabilities to better suit the specific needs of medical professionals at the individual, department and institution levels.
  • August 2012: Over 200 MIMS Disease Management Charts have been incorporated into MIMS Gateway.
  • July 2012: MIMS medical calculators and scoring tools are built into MIMS Gateway Online
  • June 2012: MIMS Gateway Online integrated with the MIMS suite of Clinical Decision Support Tools.
  • April 2012: MIMS Gateway Online designed from the ground up to meet the emerging needs of medical professionals in the digital era.

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For technical support, please contact the MIMS Gateway Support team at support@mimsgateway.com.my